For almost two years, activists have been occupying Lützerath to prevent the advancement of brown coal mining by energy group RWE. In the beginning of January 2023, this occupation is supposed to be cleared illegally by the police. Our author provides an overview of the „Lützerath lebt“ (English: “Lützerath is alive“) initiative in the context of climate activism in Germany.

Since the murder of Jina Mahsa Amini, there have been ongoing protests in Iran, resulting in a revolution that is accompanied by protests and statements of solidarity all around the world. In this interview, KOPFZEILE talks to the Iranian students Sogande and Dokhtare Iran. These are not their real names, of course. Both have to stay anonymous, fearing repercussions from the Islamic Republic, a regime that imprisons people who speak the truth and stand in solidarity with the revolutionary protests in Iran.

One of the best-known Spanish traditions is being called into question by a change in social mood. Economically, too, the spectacle has been in crisis for some time and survives only with the help of subsidies. How much longer will it manage to stay alive? Would it be legitimate to ban a form of cultural expression? How can a solution be found to this conflict that divides the population so strongly?