Lina E. is arrested in November 2020 on the charge of being the ringleader of a criminal organisation. The trial becomes one of the biggest against anti-fascists in the last thirty years. On May 31st, the verdict was pronounced. The defence spoke of a staged trial that had already been decided from the beginning, full of gaps and intended to make a political example.

In Australia, Mexico, Germany – climate activists are criminalised around the world. When they’re taken into custody by the police during demonstrations or direct actions, they risk disproportionate repression. And they’re fighting for all of us: For the people in the global south, who are losing their livelihoods today, for the future generations and for an inhabitable planet. Our author Tabea is sure: Climate activism is not a crime!

For almost two years, activists have been occupying Lützerath to prevent the advancement of brown coal mining by energy group RWE. In the beginning of January 2023, this occupation is supposed to be cleared illegally by the police. Our author provides an overview of the „Lützerath lebt“ (English: “Lützerath is alive“) initiative in the context of climate activism in Germany.