Pop music at uni – singing in the choir

Gemeinsames Proben von Popsongs im neuen Uni-Chor (Foto: Pexels)

Singing is not only fun, it is also a good balance to the often stressful (university) everyday life. The newly founded university pop choir is aimed at everyone who enjoys singing – the pieces range from “A Million Dreams” to “Pompeii” and “Wellerman”.

by Johanne Målin Bleck

„The only thing better than singing is more singing.” Ella Fitzgerald

Ella Fitzgerald, the jazz singer, already stated that there is hardly anything better than singing. True to this motto, Julian Lübbers founded a new university pop choir in May 2022. Anyone interested can take part in the choir rehearsals regardless of their previous experience and without an entrance exam – the focus is on the joy of singing. The choir currently consists of up to forty singers. If you too are interested in pop music, singing together – even polyphonically -, good humour and nice people, then this newly founded choir is the right place for you.

Song selection – participation possible!

As the name “Uni-Popchor” suggests, the choir sings mainly pop songs under the musical direction of Maxine Stenford. The arrangements are by no means always in one part: the participants often try out new harmonies: The participants often like to try out new harmonies, which can be challenging at the beginning, but always make for a very special sound in the end.

The members are always invited to express their own song wishes. At the moment, for example, the choir is rehearsing “A Million Dreams” from the musical film “The Greatest Showman” and “Fix You” by Coldplay. Pieces like “Pompeii” by Bastille, “Viva La Vida” by Coldplay or the shanty “Wellerman”, which went viral at the beginning of 2021, especially on TikTok, are also part of the repertoire.

Schedule of choir rehearsals

After the initial singing, including breathing and relaxation exercises, pieces are repeated and deepened and new songs are rehearsed. And don’t worry: if there are difficulties with a song part or a polyphony, the choir director actively supports the respective voice (soprano, alto, tenor or bass), so that everyone leaves the rehearsal with a good feeling and self-confidence. Before the rehearsal actually ends, however, everyone sings a piece they already know well to bring the rehearsal to a harmonious close.

Performances and rehearsals

Most recently, the choir performed a few pieces at the Christmas market at Gänsemarkt. A performance is also being planned for the coming summer semester so that the members can present their repertoire to an audience. Here, too, the joy of singing is in the foreground and in the audience – as in the choir itself – everyone is welcome who has a desire for pop music and a happy get-together.

Rehearsals take place once a week for two evening hours on the main campus in the Educational Sciences building (Von-Melle-Park 8). The main aim is to create a place for everyone who enjoys singing, which is why choir rehearsals are usually also offered during the lecture-free period.

If you would like to find out whether singing in a choir is something you would enjoy, just drop by the newly founded Uni Pop Choir. For more information, such as room number and time, please contact Julian by email before your first visit. (unipopchor@web.de). The friendly and cheerful group is looking forward to meeting you!